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Front and side view of moving luxury sports car

About Us

Opus specialise in low volume supply contracts for the automotive industry.

Front and side view of moving luxury sports car
Back and side view of moving luxury sports car

A Bit About Us

Opus International Products was set up in 2013 after our founders had accumulated many years’ experience in the automotive parts manufacturing sector. We specialise in low-volume supply contracts, working directly with OEMs and first tier suppliers primarily – but also with manufacturers at any level of the production chain.

Production. Prototyping. Design.

Our projects involve designing and producing high quality parts for use in prestige, high-performance or next generation vehicles. This extends to production, supply, prototype development and product design. Each project is unique, with many components involving complex configurations and requirements within above industry-standard tolerances.

Front and side view of super car on a race track

Our Approach

Clients include premium vehicle, supercar and electric car manufacturers.

We approach each project as an individual challenge, thinking outside the box to achieve excellent results within each client’s budget, specifications and timeframe.

Our Priorities Are:

  • High quality
  • Strict adherence to specification
  • Fast turnaround

This sets us apart from many automobile design and manufacturing suppliers. Some businesses can offer quality and cost but only for high volumes. Others will offer quality and fast turnaround for low volumes, but only at an extremely high price. Others suppliers may agree to both low-cost and high-quality – but only on a long lead time.

The fact is that most suppliers are reluctant to take on low-volume work. Their business model is simply not geared up to making this economic viable.

Back and side view of parked super car

Our Capabilities

At Opus, low-volume product supply and engineering is our core work. Our headquarters is a 16,000 ft.² manufacturing, prototyping and logistics facility in Warwick in the UK. We are also located in Shanghai, plus international partnerships in California, Germany, Portugal, Turkey and the Netherlands. This extended network gives us the flexibility to source products from around the world at the very best value, matching each component to the high quality and fast turnaround our clients require.

Discuss Your Project With Us

We service clients all over the world. To find out more, please pick up the phone and call 01926 499508, or send us an email for more details.